Teacup Dogs and Puppies

Picture of a Teacup Dog

Teacup Dogs and Puppies - An Unofficial Term

All of the dogs listed below belong to the collection of dogs which are often referred to as Teacup Dogs and Puppies.

The term 'Teacup' is not recognised or endorsed by any of the major Canine Associations such as the AKC (American Kennel Club) or the British KC ( Kennel Club ).



Teacup Dogs

Teacup Dog is a purely descriptive term for a Toy dog which might, or might not, be smaller than the official size standard.

Whether the term is recognised or not people obviously like using it and regardless of varying Associations the phrases Teacup Dog or Teacup puppies are, no doubt, here to stay!

The Teacup Dogs Agility Association is open to all dogs, regardless of breed or pedigree, measuring 17" or less, and who are at least 12 months of age.

Toy dogs are also referred to as Pocket Size, Tiny Toy, Miniature, Lapdogs and Sleeve Dogs (Oriental Emperors and courtiers carried them around in their copious sleeves!).

Teacup Dogs and Puppies - A Clever Marketing Term?

Criticisms of the term "Teacup Dog and Puppies" are quite strong. Owners of Toy Dogs believe that these dogs should be referred to by their correct Group name and that the phrase Teacup Dogs and Puppies are just a clever and cute marketing term. There is probably some truth in this and prospective owners of Teacup puppies should be very clear about the pro's and cons of buying a Teacup Puppy.

Teacup Dogs and Teacup Puppies - These are not 'Special' Toy dogs
The smaller canines are called Toy Dogs. A full list of AKC recognised Toy dogs may be accessed via the Site Map. The size of these small dogs are as a result of selective breeding and were initially developed to ease the lifestyle and provide pleasure to rich people. These dogs were initially owned by the wealthy and were viewed by others as status symbols - a luxury item with little apparent purpose. Dogs in other groups had specific working roles and played a major part in providing food for the table and therefore justified the cost of their upkeep and care - working dogs were those which were commonly owned by the lower classes. The diminutive size and appearance size of Teacup puppies or Teacup Dogs does not indicate that a particular dog breed type is either rare or special.


Dog photograph


Buying Teacup Dogs or Teacup Puppies
People love small dogs and they were bred specifically to appeal to people and to act as companions. If you are considering buying a teacup dog or teacup puppy it will almost certainly bring great you pleasure but caution must be adopted when purchasing a 'Teacup'. Remember that the diminutive size of Teacup Puppies have been achieved by selective breeding - and the price should not reflect a rare or special dog.

Breeding and History of Teacup Dogs or Teacup Puppies
Breeding exclusively for appearance only was  introduced in the 19th Century. Before this time dogs and puppies were bred to increase useful abilities and traits helpful for the duties they were intended for. Toy Group dogs (Teacup Dogs and Teacup Puppies) had limited duties which included the following tasks were were specifically utilised in Oriental and European Courts by royalty and the nobility: 

  • Warmth - A tea cup dog's temperature is between 100.2-102.8 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Warmth - toy, or Teacup, dogs sat on laps (hence the term 'lapdogs')
  • Warmth - toy, or Teacup, dogs warmed beds in cold castles and palaces
  • Tea cup dogs and Tea Cup Puppies were valued for Companionship
  • Toy, or Teacup Dogs and Teacup Puppies, were viewed as Status symbols 

With the advent of central heating the warming duties of Toy, or Teacup dogs and Puppies, have diminished but they are still greatly valued as companions and by some folk as status symbols.


Information about Teacup Dogs and Puppies
To discover more about specific breeds of Toy Dogs (Teacup Dogs and Teacup Puppies) their origins, history, temperaments and characteristics please follow one of the following links to the Teacups :


Teacup Dogs and Puppies

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