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Photos of many different different dog breeds - have fun browsing through our Dog Pictures Gallery! Over 100 unusual canine photos in the Pictures and Images Gallery - big and small dogs as you can see from the different images featured in the  sample of photographs and pictures below!

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The dog pencil drawings used throughout this website have been
provided with the kind permission of Mike Sibley


Beautiful Dog Drawings!!!

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Dog Drawings
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Dog Pictures Gallery

Dog and Puppy Pictures
The dog and puppy pictures will provide all canine lovers with the opportunity to look at dog pictures at their leisure. The dog and puppy pictures feature photographs of big dogs including Alsatians, Labradors, Ridgebacks, Newfoundlands, Mastiffs and Rottweilers - to name but a few. If your taste is for small dog pictures there are some great photos of Pekinese, Yorkies, Jack Russell, Spaniels and lots, lots more.


Dog photograph


Breed Pictures

Other pictures are available on each of the separate Breed Pages

Comparative Sizing
Our Dog and Puppy Pictures are Different!


The Problem of Internet pictures of Big and Small breeds of dogs...
Most dog pictures available on the internet fail to give the viewer any idea of the actual size of the dog. All of the Our Dog pictures shown on the individual dog breed pages are designed to show comparative sizes with men and women. Our dog pictures are unusual and highly informative. It is really important that our visitors can compare the sizes of dogs from one breed type to another - and our dog breed pictures are the only pictures on the World Wide Web which allows for this requirement.


A Chihuahua the same size as a Great Dane??

Pictures of all our favorite pets on the Internet are usually all the same size! These images have not been sized to give an accurate representation of the animal size. This results in pictures of Chihuahuas and Great Danes looking the same size! The breed pictures on this site ensure that our visitors are in no doubt of the size of an Irish Wolfhound compared to a Shih Tzu! Canine pictures on other websites show big dogs looking exactly the same as small ones! There is no point of reference to help a visitor determine which are the big ones and which are the small ones. The only information to help with this is the approximation of the weight and height of big and small canines which cannot help with conveying a visual impression.




Dog and Puppy Pictures

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