Terrier Dogs

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General Information about Terrier Dogs

All of the dogs listed below belong to the collection of dogs referred to as Terrier Dogs. Dogs in the Terrier group were developed to hunt and kill vermin.

The vermin included rats, mice and other predatory animals such as foxes that might raided a farmer's produce and livestock.



Terrier Dog Temperament

The very nature of the tasks traditionally required of a Terrier dog needed an energetic, tenacious, brave and exceedingly determined dog.

The very nature of small vermin control tends to result in a fairly small legged but very robust build suitable for entering the lair or burrow of it's intended prey.

Terrier dogs have in the past always been viewed as real assets by their owners and have worked with man for centuries in their assigned roles.

Today most Terrier dogs are kept primarily as pets but they still retain the bred in traits traditionally required of a vermin hunting dog, they all tend to still posses their energetic, tenacious, brave and determined temperament.


Terrier Dog Breed Duties and Tasks
Characteristics and features of Terrier Dogs have been introduced and strengthened by breeding with animals who already demonstrated the desired traits. Breeding for appearance was only introduced in the 19th Century. Before this time dogs and puppies were bred to increase useful abilities and traits helpful for the duties they were intended for. The trait encouraged was the ability to dig up underground dens and burrows and "go to ground" whilst barking noisily to frighten out any inhabitants.
Thus, the various Terrier breeds were introduced to help man according to his specific requirements such as:


Dog photograph

  • Hunting vermin
  • Hunting larger animals such as foxes
  • Some terriers were also able to kill their quarry

In this day and age not every Terrier might be called to undertake these vermin -related tasks, but nevertheless, they still harbour the skills and characteristics that made the original breeding program successful.


The Terrier dogs are small to medium size and are often described as fiery or feisty. The smallest terriers are ready to take on any opponents - a necessary attribute when hunting and killing vermin but not so good for a family pet! Some terriers are yappy and are known to nip boisterous children. They can also be quite independent and difficult to train. On the positive side Terriers can be friendly, stable and loyal pets.


Information about Terrier Dogs
To discover more about specific breeds of Terrier Dogs, their origins, history, temperaments and characteristics please follow one of the following links:


Terrier Dogs

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