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Dog Pictures and Images

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We hope you will like these pictures of "Man's Best Friend", the Dog, the most faithful of friends and companions.


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  • The Dog pictures and images are unusual and will suit everyone! The Dog Pictures and Images have been described as cute, funny and different!

  • All of the photos are detailed below. Enjoy the dog pictures and images!

Dog Pictures and Images
Dogs are the favourite pets all over the World. Loved by both children and adults they become a member of the family. Dog Lovers enjoy looking at dog pictures and images of all of the different dog breeds. There are small dog pictures and images for those who like cute small teacup dogs. And for those dog lovers who like big dogs there are big dog pictures and images. The photos are unusual and have been provided with the kind permission of:
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Dog Pictures and Images

Alsatian Dog Picture Image American Cocker Spanial  Picture American Cocker Spaniel Picture
American Cocker Spaniels Picture Basset Hound Dog Picture Image Bernese Dog Picture Image
Bernese Cattle Dog Picture Image Bernese Mountain Dog Picture Bichon Dog Picture Image
Bichon Frese Dog Picture Image Bichon Frise Dog Picture Image Big Black Dog Picture Image
Big Great Dane Dog Picture Image Big Rhodesian Ridgeback Picture Bishon Friese Dog Picture Image
Bishon Frise Pic Image Black Labrador Retriever Picture Black Labradour Picture Image
Black Labradour Retreiver Picture Black Newfoundland Picture Image Border Collie Dog Picture Image
Borzoi Dog Picture Image Bouvier Dog Picture Image Bouvier Des Flandres Picture
Boxer Dog Picture Image Boxer Dog Picture Image Brown Boxer Dog Picture Image
Brown Bull Terrier Picture Image Brown English Springer Spaniel Brown Spaniel Dog Picture Image
Bull Dog Picture Image Bulldog Picture Image Bullmastiff Dog Picture Image
Bull mastiff Dog Picture Image Bull Terrier Dog Picture Image Bull Terrior Dog Picture Image
Cairn Terrier Dog Picture Image Cavalier King Charles Spanial Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Cavalier Spanial Picture Image Cavalier Spaniel Dog Picture
Chesapeake Bay Retriever Picture Chichuahua Picture Image Chinese Shar Pei Picture Image
Coach Dog Picture Image Colorful Greyhound Picture Image Cute Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Cute Dogs Picture Image Cute Golden Retriever Picture Cute Little Dog Picture Image
Cute Mutt Dog Picture Image Cute Pug Dog Picture Image Cute Springer Spaniel Picture
Cute Standard Poodle Picture Cute Standard Schnauzer Picture Cute St Bernard Dog Picture Image
Cute Terrier Dog Picture Image Dachshund Dog Picture Image Dalmatian Dog Picture Image
Dalmation Dog Picture Image Doberman Dog Picture Image Dobermann Dog Picture Image
Doberman Pinscher Picture Image Doberman Pinsher Dog Picture English Spaniel Dog Picture Image
English Springer Spaniel Picture English Springer Spaniel in the Sea Funny Bull Terrier Picture Image
Funny Giant Poodle Picture Funny Shih Tzu Dog Picture German Gun Dog Picture Image
German Shephard Dog Picture German Shepherd Dog Picture Giant Poodle Dog Picture
Golden Lab Retreiver Picture Golden Retreiver Dog Picture Golden Retriever Dog Picture
Golden Retriver Dog Picture Gold Retreiver Dog Picture Image Great Dane Dog Picture Image
Greyhound Dog Picture Image Grey hound Dog Picture Happy Spaniel Picture Image
Happy Springer Spaniel Picture Hungarian Pointer Dog Picture Husky Dog Picture Image
Jack Russell Dog Picture Jack Russell Swimming Picture King Charles Spanial Picture
King Charles Spaniel Picture Labrador in Sea Picture Image Labrador Retriever in Park Picture
Light Golden Retriever Dog Long Haired Dashund Picture Long Haired German Shepherd
Mans Best Friend Dog Picture Mongrel Dog Picture Image Mountain Rescue Dog Picture
Newfoundland Dog Picture Image Newfoundland Close-up Picture Pointer Dog Picture Image
Patterdale Terrier Dog Picture Pekingese Dog Picture Image Poodle Dog Picture Image
Pug Dog Picture Image Puppy Dog Picture Image Retreiver Dog Picture Image
Rhodesian Ridgeback Dog Picture Rottweiler Dog Picture Image Rotty Dog Picture Image
Ruby King Charles Spaniel Dog Saint Bernard Dog Picture Image Schnauser Dog Picture Image
Short Hair Dashund Dog Picture Shar-pei Dog Picture Image Sheep Dog Picture Image
Shih-tzu Dog Picture Image Shnauzer Dog Picture Image Siberian Husky Dog Picture Image
Silky Dog Picture Image Silky Terrier Dog Picture Image Spanial Dog Picture Image
Spanial Dog Picture Image Spaniel Dog Picture Image Spaniel Springer Picture Image
Spaniel Springer with a Stick Spaniel Springer Swimming Staff Dog Picture Image
Staff Bull Dog Picture Image Staff Bull Terrier Dog Picture Staffordshire Terrier Dog Picture
Standard Poodle Dog Picture St Bernard Dog Picture Image Sussex Spaniel Dog Picture
Terrier Cairn Dog Picture Image Terrier Cross Dog Picture Image Visla Dog Picture Image
Wall-eyed Border Collie Dog WeimaranerDog Picture Image Weimaraner Vorstehhund Dog
Weimariner Dog Picture Image Welsh Springer Dog Picture Welsh Spring Puppy Dog Picture
West Highland White Terrier West Highland White Terrior Whippet Dog Picture Image
White Bishon Dog Picture Image White Boxer Dog Picture Image White Labrador Dog Picture
Wieimariner Dog Picture Image Wiemaraner Dog Picture Image Wire Fox Terrier Image
Yorkshire Terrier Dog Picture   Yorky Dog Picture Image

Different Dog Pictures and Images

Dog Pictures and Images of Big and Small breeds of dogs are useful when selecting a new dog or puppy as a working dog or a family pet. Many of the dog pictures and images show head shots of different breeds of big and small dogs belonging to our visitors.

The Pictures and Images featured on the different Dog Breed pages are different from this section but also highly informative. It is really important that our visitors can compare the sizes of dogs from one breed type to another - and their comparative sizes to a man and a woman. Our dog breed pictures are the only pictures and images on the World Wide Web which allows for this requirement!


Dog photograph


Cool and Funny Dog Pictures and Images
Pictures and images of all dogs on the Internet are usually all the same size! The dog pictures and images have not been sized to give an accurate representation of the breed size. This results in pictures and images of Boxers and Great Danes looking the same size! The pictures and images in the different dog breed pages on this site ensure that our visitors are in no doubt of the size of an Irish Wolfhound compared to a Poodle! Dog Breed pictures and images on other websites show big dogs looking exactly the same as small dogs!  So for size comparisons view the different dog pictures and images. But for simply enjoyment and pleasure look at the cute and funny dog pictures and images on this section!


Dog Pictures and Images

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