Big and Small Breeds of Dogs


Picture of comparative sizes of big and small dogs compared to an average man an woman

Big and Small Dogs

The Problem of Internet pictures of Big and Small breeds of dogs...

The sizes of dogs vary greatly from one breed type to another. Pictures of big dogs as opposed to small dogs on the Internet are usually sized to give a consistent picture size and not comparative breed sizes of big dogs as opposed to small dogs.

The actual pictures, weights and heights and full details of dogs can be accessed from the Dog Breeds ABC List



Educational Resource for Dogs

The approach we have taken provides a valuable educational resource for anyone interested in canines - big dogs or small dogs! The normal reaction to these pictures is "Wow!". Children are especially interested in the big dogs! Many children would not have had any contact with the big dogs and the sheer size holds a real fascination with children. The small dogs are viewed as cute and hold an existing familiarity with kids.

The info provided relating to the big and small dogs will help any parents or grandparents to teach their children the names of all of the dog breeds and acquire a real understanding of comparative sizes. We continue with the educational theme by providing a Dog Breeds Quiz - its a multi-choice picture-based format and fully interactive. There is even a Hall of Fame for everyone who successfully answers the questions!

Big and Small Dogs - Their Names and Order of Height
We have listed below all the main breeds of dogs and categorised them in height order. The Small dogs at the beginning and ending with the Large dogs. If you can't put a name to a dog but know the rough size then this list will be of help! Please note that sizes are to the shoulder, not to the head. This is a better measurement of dog size than using the height to the head which would make the Great Dane the tallest dog, although it is not nearly as big as the Irish Wolfhound!

Dog Breeds & Sizes  ( Small Dogs First )
Size Breed Nickname
6" to 9" Chihuahua The Smallest Dog in the World
6" to 9" Pekingese The Lion Dog - Sacred Symbol of Buddha
7" to 8" Brussels Griffon Hansom Cab Stable Dogs
8" to 10" Toy Fox Terrier The AmerToy
8" to 11" Dachshund The Hot Dog
8" to 11" Papillon The "Butterfly" Dog
8" to 11" Pomeranian Poms or Puffballs
8" to 11" Shih Tzu The Chrysanthemum Dog
8" to 9" Yorkshire Terrier The Yorkies
8.5" to 11.5" Havanese The Dog from Havana
9" to 10" Maltese Prized Dog of Malta
9" to 10" Norfolk Terrier The Demon
9" to 10" Silky Terrier The Sydney Silky
9" to 11.5" Affenpinscher The Moustached Little Devil
9" to 12" Tibetan Spaniel The Prayer Dog
9" to 13" Chinese Crested A Hairless Dog or a Powder Puff !
9.5" to 10" Cairn Terrier Toto, in the Wizard of Oz
9.5" to 11.5" Bichon Frise The Curly Lap Dog
10" to 17.5" Alaskan Klee Kai A Rare Breed
10" to 11" Australian Terrier National Terrier of Australia
10" to 11" Border Terrier The Head of an Otter
10" to 11" Lhasa Apso The Sacred Dog of Tibet
10" to 11" West Highland White Terrier The Westie
10" to 12" English Toy Spaniel Lapdog of Mary, Queen of Scots
10" to 12" Manchester Terrier (Toy) The Rat Killer
10" to 12" Miniature Pinscher The Mini Pin
10" to 12" Norwich Terrier The "Jones" Terrier
10" to 12" Pembroke Welsh Corgi The Tiny dog of the Celts
10" to 12" Pug The Dog of Kings & Monks
10" to 12" Scottish Terrier The Scotty Dog
10" to 13" Schipperke Little Captain
10" to 14" Miniature Bull Terrier The Gladiator of Terriers
10.5" to 12.5" Cardigan Welsh Corgi Dog of the Celts
10.5" to 12.5" Sealyham Terrier The Mystery Dog
11" to 13" French Bulldog The Toy Bulldog
12" to 14" Basset Hound The French Aristocrat
12" to 14" Cavalier King Charles Spaniel The Merry Monarch's Dog
12" to 14" Glen of Imaal Terrier The Turnspit Dog
12" to 14" Jack Russell Terrier The Scamp
12" to 14" Lowchen The Little Lion Dog
12" to 14" Miniature Schnauzer Small Beard
12" to 14" Parson Russell Terrier The Minister's Scamp
12" to 14" Patterdale Terrier The Fell Terrier
12" to 15" Bulldog The British Bull Baiter
12" to 16" Japanese Spitz The Pure White Dog
12" to 16" Rat Terrier The Ratter
13" to 15" Beagle The Snoopy Dog
13" to 15" Italian Greyhound  Gaze Hound of European Royalty
13" to 15" Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen Small Dog with the Big Name
13" to 16" Shetland Sheepdog The Sheltie
13.5" to 14.5" Lakeland Terrier The Showman
13.5" to 16.5" Shiba Inu The Brushwood Dog
14" to 16" American Cocker Spaniel The American with a British Heritage
14" to 16" Tibetan Terrier The "Good Luck" Dog
14" to 19" New Guinea Singing Dog Gazehound of New Guinea
14" to 19" Puli The Hungarian Water Dog
14.5" to 15.5" Smooth Fox Terrier The Adventurer
14.5" to 15.5" Wire Fox Terrier The Live Wire
15" to 16" Manchester Terrier (Standard) The Cat-like Dog
15" to 16" Sussex Spaniel The Flusher
15" to 17" Boston Terrier The American Gentleman among Dogs
15" to 17" English Cocker Spaniel Hunter of Woodcock Pigeons
15" to 18" American Water Spaniel The Great Lakes Dog
15" to 19" American Eskimo Dog The Performer
15" to 21" Poodle The Stylish Breed
15.5" to 16.5" Bedlington Terrier The Lamb-like Dog
15.5" to 20" Finnish Spitz Barking Bird Dog of Finland
16" to 17" Basenji The Bark-less Dog
16" to 19" German Pinscher Saved from Extinction
16" to 19" Keeshond The Dutch Barge Dog
17" to 18" Field Spaniel The Field Worker
17" to 19" American Staffordshire Terrier King of the Fighting Pits
17" to 19" Polish Lowland Sheepdog The Nizinny
17" to 19" Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier The Teddy Bear
17" to 19" Staffordshire Bull Terrier The Nanny Dog
17" to 19" Welsh Springer Spaniel Dog of the Celts
17" to 19" Welsh Terrier The Loveable Rogue
17" to 20" Australian Cattle Dog The Heeler
17" to 23" Portuguese Water Dog Trawler Crew Member
17.5" to 19.5" Kerry Blue Terrier County Kerry Beauty
17.5" to 19.5" Standard Schnauzer The Rat Catcher
17.5" to 20" Whippet The Snap Dog
18" to 24" Dandie Dinmont Terrier Sir Walter Scott's Inspiration
18" to 20" Chinese Shar-pei Chinese Fighting Dog
18" to 20" Chow Chow The Dog with the Black Tongue
18" to 20" Irish Terrier The Racy Terrier
18" to 20.5" Brittany Epagneul Breton
18" to 20.5" Shikoku The Most Venerated
18" to 21" Border Collie The Trainers Dream Dog
18" to 21" English Springer Spaniel The Quarry Springers
18" to 23" Australian Shepherd The Basque Shepherd Dog
19" to 21" Clumber Spaniel French Revolution Emigre
19" to 21" Harrier The Hare Hunter
19" to 23.5" Samoyed The Dog with the Smiling Face
19" to 24" Canaan Dog from the Land of Canaan
19.5" to 22" Norwegian Elkhound War Dog of the Vikings
20" to 22" Bearded Collie Olde English Dog
20" to 23.5" Siberian Husky The Team Racer
20" to 24" Plott Mr. Plott's Dog!
20" to 24" Wirehaired Pointing Griffon The Rough Coat
20" to 26" Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog The Leopard-like Dog
21" to 22" Bull Terrier The White Cavalier
21" to 24" Irish Water Spaniel The Tallest Spaniel
21" to 24" Vizsla The Hungarian Pointer
21" to 25" Boxer The Fighter
21" to 25" Canary Dog The Canary Islands Dog of Prey
21" to 25" German Shorthaired Pointer The Short Haired Dog
21" to 25" Golden Retriever The World's Most Popular Dog
21" to 25" Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever The Splasher!
21" to 25" Pharaoh Hound Sighthound of the Pharaohs
21" to 25" Skye Terrier Greyfriars Bobby
21" to 26" Chesapeake Bay Retriever The Strongest Swimmer
21" to 27" Redbone Coonhound The Treeing Red Dog
22" to 24" Dalmatian Immortalised by Disney
22" to 24" Flat-Coated Retriever Natural Water Dog
22" to 24" Old English Sheepdog The "Bobtail"
22" to 25" American Foxhound The Pilgrim Father's Dog
22" to 26" Belgian Malinois Bred in Malines
22" to 26" Belgian Sheepdog World War I Hero
22" to 26" Belgian Tervuren The Tervuren Village Dog
22" to 26" Collie The Lassie Star
22" to 26" German Wirehaired Pointer The Leading Pointer Dog
22" to 26" Thai Ridgeback The Thailand Spitz
22" to 27" Rottweiler Marched with the Romans
22" to 28" Beauceron Berger de Beauce
22" to 28" Tibetan Mastiff A War Dog
22.5" to 24.5" Labrador Retriever The Fisherman's Friend
22.5" to 27.5" Ibizan Hound Sighthound of Hannibal
22.5" to 27.5" Spinone Italiano Italian Renaissance Pointer
23" to 28" Saluki Sacred Dog of the Sumerian Empire
23" to 25" Airedale Terrier Dog from the Valley of Aire
23" to 25" Alaskan Malamute The Artic Dog
23" to 26" Alaskan Husky The Sled Racer
23" to 26" Pointer The Bird Locator
23" to 27" Australian Kelpie Sheep Dog Water Sprite
23" to 27" Black and Tan Coonhound The Raccoon Raider
23" to 27" Bouvier des Flandres The Strong Guy
23" to 27" Briard The Emperor Charlemagne's Dog
23" to 27" Dogue de Bordeaux French Mastiff
23" to 27" English Foxhound Favourite of the English Aristocracy
23" to 27" Weimaraner The Forester's Dog
23" to 28" Akita The Most Venerated
23" to 28" Boerboel Dog of the Boers
23" to 28" Hovawart Farm Watchdog
23.5 "to 27.5" Giant Schnauzer The Small Beard
23.5" to 28.5" Greater Swiss Mountain Dog The "Swissy"
23.5" to 29.5" Neapolitan Mastiff The Dog of the Romans
23" to 27.5" Bernese Mountain Dog The Berne Herdsman's Dog
24" to 26" Alsatian The German Shepherd Dog
24" to 26" German Shepherd Dog The Alsatian Wolf Dog
24" to 26" Gordon Setter Gun Dog of Scotland
24" to 27" Bloodhound The Sleuthhound
24" to 27" Bullmastiff Poachers Beware
24" to 27" English Setter The Dog who Sits
24" to 27" Otterhound The Otter's Foe
24" to 27" Rhodesian Ridgeback The Lion Dog
24" to 28" Doberman Pinscher The Tax Collectors Dog
24" to 29" Bandog The American Bandogge
24" to 29" Chinese Foo Dog Mascot of the Tongs
24.5" to 27" Tosa Inu Dog from Tosa
25" to 27" Afghan Hound Hound of the Pharaohs and Cavemen
25" to 27" Curly-Coated Retriever The Gamekeeper's Dog
25" to 27" Irish Setter A Victorian Favorite
25" to 30" Saint Bernard The Saviour of Lost Travellers
25" to 32" Great Pyrenees The Court Dog of France
25.5" to 28.5" Maremma The Italian Sheepdog
25.5" to 27.5" Komondor The Ultimate Sheep Dog
25.7" to 27.7" Kuvasz The Dog of the Magyars
26" to 28" Borzoi Sighthound of the Russian Czars
26" to 28" Newfoundland The Landseer Dog
26" to 29" Black Russian Terrier A Bull Baiter
27" to 29" Anatolian Shepherd Dog The Wolf Hunter
27" to 30" Greyhound The Fastest Dog on Earth
27.5" to 30" Mastiff War Dog and Gladiator
28" to 32" Great Dane The Gentle Giant
28" to 32" Leonberger The Lion-like Dog
28" to 32" Scottish Deerhound Royal Dog of Scotland
30" to 35" Irish Wolfhound War Dog of Irish Chieftains
Size Breed Nickname

Dog photograph


The big dogs include breeds such as the Irish Wolfhound and the Great Dane. The small dogs include breeds such as the Chihuahua and the Shih Tzu. Compare pictures of these big dogs with the small dogs and the sizes look exactly the same! There is no point of reference to help a visitor determine which are the big dogs and which are the small dogs. The only information to help with this is the approximation of the weight and height of big and small dogs which cannot help with conveying a visual impression. OUR PICTURES ARE DIFFERENT!


Compare Big Dogs and Small Dogs with each other and people
The picture at the top of the page shows the largest dog in the world, the Irish Wolfhound, compared with the smallest dog in the World, the Chihuahua! Every breed on this site has been formatted in this fashion. These pictures enable a visitor to immediately gain a visual impression of the sizes of small dogs as opposed to big dogs. The inclusion of an average sized man and woman also allows people to compare adult small dogs and adult big dogs with the averages size of a man and woman!


By meandering through the site visitors will obtain clear information about each of the breeds of big dogs and small dogs - pictures, weight, height, puppies, history, care and health! The answers to all of the questions on the Dog Breeds Quiz can be found on this website! Another great Educational Resource for dogs - big and small!


Big and Small Breeds of Dogs

Big and Small Dogs - List - Facts - Info - Information - Names - Order of Height - Big and Small Breeds - Dog - Breed - Large - Teacup - Tallest - Smallest - Nickname - Nicknames - Big and Small Dogs - List - Facts - Info - Information - Names - Order of Height - Big and Small Breeds - Dog - Breed - Large - Teacup - Tallest - Smallest - Nickname - Nicknames - Big and Small Dogs - List - Facts - Info - Information - Names - Order of Height - Big and Small Breeds - Dog - Breed - Large - Teacup - Tallest - Smallest - Nickname - Nicknames - Big and Small Dogs - List - Facts - Info - Information - Names - Order of Height - Big and Small Breeds - Dog - Breed - Large - Teacup - Tallest - Smallest - Nickname - Nicknames - Big and Small Dogs - List - Facts - Info - Information - Names - Order of Height - Big and Small Breeds - Dog - Breed - Large - Teacup - Tallest - Smallest - Nickname - Nicknames - Big and Small Dogs - List - Facts - Info - Information - Names - Order of Height - Big and Small Breeds - Dog - Breed - Large - Teacup - Tallest - Smallest - Nickname - Nicknames - Big and Small Dogs - List - Facts - Info - Information - Names - Order of Height - Big and Small Breeds - Dog - Breed - Large - Teacup - Tallest - Smallest - Nickname - Nicknames - Written By Linda Alchin